Our customers


Our customers are as diverse as the tasks.

We develop and operate individual digital information services for business, politics and science. Future-oriented, reliable, quality-assured.

In research projects, we take on the task of developing and establishing concrete information services together with the research institutes and the other partners involved. We jointly develop algorithms, tools and processes for individual and intelligent information supply.

We generally pursue a transfer-oriented approach, an approach that permanently establishes results from research projects on the market. To this end, these become part of our TecIntelli platform, our TecIntelli ecosystem.

Together with our innovation partners such as the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO, we systematically support companies in the context of their technology and innovation management, their strategic management, but also in dealing with operational decisions.


»Semantic analyses, text mining and AI enable us to analyze huge volumes of data in a targeted manner. This enables us to efficiently extract the relevant information for companies in order to make secure decisions, identify new markets, recognize new technologies at an early stage and generate innovation impulses.«

Dr. Antonino Ardilio, Leader Technology and Innovation Intelligence, Fraunhofer IAO