Smart Scouting


Market Scouting.

Recognize potentials.

  • Which new markets and applications are particularly interesting for our company (identify diversification potential analytically)?
  • How can we analytically encounter chance, our own creativity, in order to generate innovation impulses?

Based on a company's existing competencies and technologies, we can systematically identify new markets and new applications with the help of our function semantic approach and the associated intelligent algorithms. Market Scouting thus represents a kind of invention machine. We can generate innovation impulses in a targeted and analytical way, find new applications for your competencies, technologies and services that have not been thought of before. But it goes even further: We can also identify potential customers in these new markets, for these new applications and areas of use. In this way, the opportunities and potentials can be elicited with future users at an early stage.

Market Scouting for LiDAR (light detection and ranging)


  • LiDAR is an innovative technology for optical distance and speed measurement as well as for remote measurement of atmospheric parameters and has several advantages over RADAR.
  • What are the fields of application and possible uses for LiDAR?


  • Functional semantic definition of the search strategy, adaptation of the algorithms
  • Semantic analysis of technical information (> 35,000 technical articles, research reports, web content, patents, press releases)
  • Extraction of potential applications and possible uses
  • Multi-stage evaluation process to select the relevant innovation proposals


  • Visualization of the results in a portfolio
  • Individual profiles for the innovation proposals