The TecIntelli – Story


TecIntelli – that stands for Technology and Innovation Intelligence.

Information, relevant information at the right time, reliable, quality assured, that's our passion, that's what we stand for.

Our goal, our mission, is to provide all people with the specialized information that is relevant to them before they search for it. Find instead of search. Get instead of find.

Information dominates our everyday life, our professional life, education and training, lifelong learning. Researching, searching through various sources of information, magazines and books, databases and Google. Getting to the right information involves a great deal of effort, which is constantly increasing.

Can you be sure that you have considered everything relevant?

Can you be sure that you have correctly assessed the risks and recognized the opportunities at an early stage?

As scientists, consultants and developers at Fraunhofer, we have had to do our own research for many years. State of the art, recognizing and evaluating new technologies, identifying new markets, which solution is the right one. Until we set out ourselves to optimize this process of information supply.

Today, we use semantics, text mining, artificial intelligence, self-developed algorithms and tools to optimally and proactively provide our customers with the information that is relevant to them. Individual solutions, information services tailored to specific needs, we have the right offer for everyone.