Smart Scouting


Competence Scouting.

Identifying experts.

  • Which research projects and which research institutions are particularly relevant in our technology field?
  • How are the research institutions networked with each other, who cooperates with whom, also with which companies?


If you are looking for an expert to address a very specific issue, or you want to network with a research institution, startup, or research-based company but don't know which organization has the best competencies for you, we can help. Our search and analysis technologies identify and assess the skills landscape. We create interactive maps, summarize the competence profiles of the identified institutions in meaningful profiles. For networks, clusters, associations and chambers, for example, we also create individual interactive competence maps and thus make an important contribution to networking and technology transfer.

Competence Scouting for LiDAR (light detection and ranging)


  • Identification of relevant research institutions, manufacturers as well as potential users
  • Identification of competence clusters and hot spots


  • Semantic analysis of technical information (> 25,000 technical articles, research reports, web content, patents, press releases)
  • Extraction of research projects and the research institutions/partners involved
  • Evaluation of the competence carriers with regard to technology fields and applications


  • Visualization of the results as a network
  • Competence profiles in the form of individual profiles