Smart Scouting


Competitor Scouting.

Identify new market participants at an early stage.

  • What are the competitors already known to us doing in the areas of technology, service offerings and market, among others (observation of the competitors)?
  • Are there new competitors that we are not yet aware of or that threaten to enter our market?
  • With whom are the competitors networked, with whom do they cooperate?

Product managers, sales, marketing and strategic management - they all need qualitatively assured information about the market and competitors. Based on the individual competence profiles of our customers, we identify potential competitors for them. But we go even further. With the help of our search algorithms, we find the relevant information on individual competitors, individualized and tailored to your specific questions. This is the basis for continuous monitoring and analysis of your competitors.

Competitor Scouting for microelectronics (contract development and small series)


  • Identification and evaluation of potential competitors
  • Identification of start-ups


  • Semantic analysis of technical information (> 30,000 technical articles, research reports, web content, patents, press releases)
  • Extraction of information regarding potential competitors and start-ups
  • In-depth analyses of service offerings, competencies and networking


  • Visualization of the results as a map, network representation and portfolio
  • Competence profiles in the form of individual profiles