Smart Scouting


Technologie Scouting. 

Identifying opportunities and risks at an early stage.

  • Which new technologies can we use to improve our existing products and, for example, enable new functionalities for our customers (new technologies as an opportunity)?
  • Are there technologies emerging that could possibly replace our own technologies and thus also threaten our existence (new technologies as a risk)?
  • What is the state of the art of a specific technology?

Developers and technicians deal with these and similar questions every day. Our intelligent tools, our function-semantic approach and established procedures enable us to systematically identify technologies that could improve or perhaps even replace your own solutions and competencies. In all our previous projects, with large and smaller companies, we have identified technologies that they did not previously have on their radar screen. In this way, we have been able to initiate targeted research collaborations, find innovative technical solutions and ultimately optimize products.

Technologie Scouting for additive manufacturing / 3D printing


  • Identification of alternative technologies
  • Evaluation of these technologies against the background of your own application


  • Semantic analysis of technical information (> 35,000 technical articles, research reports, web content, patents)
  • Extraction of, among other things, alternative processes, materials, examples of applications, research facilities
  • Evaluation of alternative technologies by experts


  • Visualization of the results as radar and portfolio
  • Technology and application profiles