News from July 9, 2021

Smart Innovation through Natural Language Processing

Improving competitiveness with artificial intelligence


How can new technologies be identified analytically, how can technological developments be continuously monitored? How can innovation potentials or even trends be recognized at an early stage with the help of artificial intelligence? The book "Smart Innovation", edited by the two innovation experts Prof. Wilhelm Bauer and Prof. Joachim Warschat, deals with these and similar questions. And our founder and managing director Dr. Michael Schmitz was also on board.

"Smart Innovation" describes the use of software-supported tools from the fields of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in technology and innovation management, but also in business development, product management and similar corporate areas. The core of this is the targeted analysis of large quantities of text, technical articles, patents, websites of research institutions, press articles, etc., in order to find the relevant information, the needle in the haystack.

Michael, artificial intelligence and NLP are big names - how do you assess the applicability of such solutions for companies, e.g. to increase their innovative capacity?

Developments in the fields of AI and NLP are advancing at great speed. Especially in the scientific environment, numerous solutions are being developed in research projects that also deliver very good results. The trick, however, is to transform these often very complex solutions and approaches into application-friendly solutions. Only very few companies have their own AI and NLP experts.

You have been dealing with these and similar issues for many years now. Where do you see the biggest challenges?

Before the actual research begins, before the appropriate algorithms are developed, it must be clear what is to be found out, which questions are to be answered. In short: What is the concrete need for information? In the next step, this is formalized - we call this a search strategy - which our software can then use. It is precisely in this task area of information requirements - search strategy - information extraction that we have been able to build up a wealth of experience with TecIntelli over the past few years, which also allows us to answer individual search queries in the shortest possible time.

The book "Smart Innovation" provides a first insight into this exciting topic area, gives an overview of current approaches and solutions. Where do you see the next big steps for you?

We use a mix of technical solutions and combine various artificial intelligence methods to create a hybrid AI architecture - different solutions can be used depending on the task and process step. One of our current questions, for example, is how to use machine learning methods to automatically create the language models we need. The better the language models, the better the search results for our customers.

Thank you Michael for the short overview.

The book "Smart Innovation durch Natural Language Processing - Mit Künstlicher Intelligenz die Wettbewerbsfähigkeit verbessern" (Smart Innovation through Natural Language Processing - Improving Competitiveness with Artificial Intelligence) was published by Carl Hanser Verlag, Munich. To the publisher

Anyone who would like to learn more about the topic of Smart Innovation: A webinar is planned soon, in which we will again contribute our expertise. More information coming soon here at our News.