News from November 1, 2021

Intelligent information services for thematic web portals

KMU-innovativ joint project started


On November 1, our joint research project "Intelligent Information Services for Thematic Web Portals" started.

Obtaining relevant information about technological and market developments quickly and in a targeted manner is increasingly becoming a success factor for companies and their technology and innovation management (TIM). The dynamic technological change and the simultaneous exponential growth in the flood of information pose major challenges for companies. From the user's point of view, three task complexes can be identified: (1) How can one familiarize oneself quickly and in a structured manner with a new subject area? (2) How can one quickly and specifically find in-depth information for a specific question? (3) How can one stay continuously informed without great effort? Users' information needs are as individual as their areas of responsibility. An individualized information supply oriented to their information needs could significantly reduce the necessary research efforts.

The main goal of the research project is to develop functional digital services as building blocks of an information service-oriented architecture within the framework of an intelligent, i.e., individualized information supply enriched with machine learning (ML) methods. This is to be implemented along the entire information supply process (formalizing information needs in search strategies - extracting information - preparing and visualizing information). This kind of information services can then be integrated into web portals to reach the users. In addition, the developed solution should enable the project partners to quickly and systematically build topic-specific information services for new specialist topics.

The project partners are:

metaphacts GmbH - With its metaphactory technology platform, the specialist for knowledge graphs is an essential technology and integration partner of the joint project (metaphacts).

TecIntelli GmbH - We at TecIntelli are the initiator of the project and take care in particular of the transfer of the expert auras created by machine learning into search strategies as well as the development and orchestration of the service architecture for individualized information services.

BABLE GmbH - The start-up in the smart city sector represents the user perspective, so to speak; the information services developed are integrated into the BABLE platform and tested there together with customers (BABLE).

Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT), Institut AIFB – In particular, the research institute contributes its expertise in the fields of machine learning and intelligent knowledge extraction through various NLP methods to the joint project (AIFB-KIT).

The joint research project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as part of the KMU-innovativ funding initiative.

Are you interested in our project? We are at your disposal for any questions.